How to unlock a sale

Once you have put a sale through the system, it is locked in place to preserve the integrity of your reports. But to err is human and sometimes you will need to unlock and re-edit a sale. Here’s how it is done.

1. Open the Sale Dialog by clicking the sale button in the toolbar.

2. Click on the sale history tab of the Sale Tabber:

The sale history panel displays all the sales put through the system within the given date range. The date range is found below the table, with the date on the left being the start date, and the one on the right the end date. In this instance, both read the same date, so we are viewing sales made on the 11th Jan only.

3. Only one sale is currently in the sale history. Select it by left clicking the mouse on the sale row. Like so:

In bold at the top of table now reads the date and time this particular sale was made. If you glance up at the Sale Table, you will find the items in this sale listed in red. In this case there is only 1 item:

4. Click the unlock button that has magically appeared beneath the Sale Table:

All rows in the Sale Table now switch from red to black. This means the table is unlocked and you may add or delete items at will. Note that the sale is presumed to have been tendered already, so the OK button is visible as well. If you clicked the OK button immediately after unlocking a sale, you will lock the sale again! You might not want to do this. For example, you might like to move or delete a booking on the booking screen. In such cases, select the NO SALE button in the bottom left corner.

By the way, as a security measure, every time you click the unlock button, this event is stored in the Mandala database. It is thus possible to query the database for all unlock events, so a manager is able to do some detective work in regrettable instances of suspected staff theft.