Credit cards

Credit cards are the most sensitive information stored in your database. For this reason, all credit card data is stored in encrypted format. But only if the card data is entered in the form provided:

NEVER enter credit card information anywhere else in Mandala, as the information will not be encrypted. This includes day notes, guest notes, and booking notes.

As an additional security precaution, Mandala progressively removes all old credit card data from your system. The number of weeks a credit card remains alive in the system can be set by the Manager via the Settings dialog. Because of this automatic deletion system, only those credit cards tied to a booking date will be stored in the system.

A couple of quick points with respect to the credit card form above:

Number: Notice that this field can also be used to store the verification number of the credit card

Name: The name of the card owner. Most EFTPOS systems allow you to skip this field, but it is a useful addition regardless.

Secret functionality alert: If you press ENTER in a blank Name field, Mandala will attempt to auto-fill the name for you.