The roster area

The roster area of the booking screen holds the names of all staff available to work on the day you are currently viewing. It looks like this:

You cannot directly edit the roster area. To change staff availability, you need to make you changes via the roster dialog – which you access by clicking the roster button on the toolbar.

If you click the left mouse button on a name in the roster area, you will assign a column to that person in the booking area. Even better, their working hours will be displayed in the column by a light shaded area. For example, if you clicked the name “Clarence” above, you would see something like this:

From the above, you can see Clarence is working between 8am and 4pm.

Q. Sometimes when you click on a staff name in the roster area, nothing happens in the booking area. Why is this?

If a staff member already has a column assigned, then clicking the roster area won’t override that. If the staff operator is not pinned, you can force the availability times to display by clicking on the staff member’s name in the roster panel. This will open up the operator dialog. Just click OK and the operator will switch to roster-mode.

If the column is pinned to the staff member, then right click on the column operator to unpin, then proceed as above.