The booking area

The booking area is the space on the main booking screen that displays your day’s appointments. It looks like this:

This image above shows roughly 6 hours of booking time (10 am to 4 pm) and 3 booking columns. Each column is “owned” by a therapist, such that any booking or note that appears in a column pertains to that therapist.

To make a new booking

Click the left mouse button over an empty appointment “slot”. Each booking row (or slot) is 15 minutes in duration. 15 minutes is thus the shortest length treatment you may offer. The particular time slot you are booking is highlighted beneath your mouse. It will look like this:

Clicking the left mouse button would thus create a booking at 3:15 pm. In reality, however, the application needs a few details from you first, which is why the next screen that pops up will be the appointment dialog. It looks like this:

The appointment dialog

The appointment dialog is the area in which you enter or edit current appointment details. It looks kind of scary at first, because it lets you enter a lot of information, but it’s really not that bad. The important thing to remember is that not all these fields are required. In fact, if you just click OK (bottom right) straight away, Mandala would automatically create an empty 1 hour booking for you. Normally, however, you would at the very least enter:

  • Guest name (top left)
  • Treatment the guest is having (top middle)
  • Guest contact number (middle left)

The therapist performing the treatment will auto-fill depending on whose name sits on the top of the column you just clicked.

For in-depth information about the appointment dialog, click here.

Appointment display

Lets switch back to the booking area and look a little closer at how appointments are displayed. They look remarkably like this:

Just glancing at this booking tells you the following information:

  • It starts at 3:15pm
  • It is 1 hour long (the height in rows of the light brown area)
  • It has a 15 minute turnaround – ie cleanup, re-prep – ¬†time (the height in rows of the bottom darker brown area)
  • It is for the guest Walter Scott
  • Walter is having a 60 minute relaxation massage
  • It is being performed in room 3 (the number in the top left oval)
  • Walter has requested a male therapist (the light blue Mars symbol bottom left)
  • Who is doing the treatment (by the column the booking sits in)
  • Walter has requested the therapist in this column specifically (the darker blue “r” symbol bottom right)
  • Walter has arrived at the spa (the shade of the turnaround strip determines the booking status)

So as you can see, a simple image can carry a lot of information. And if we hovered the mouse over the appointment itself, extra information would appear in the readout area – such as:

So now we also have some booking notes displayed, as well as Walter’s phone if we need to contact him. All without clicking a single button.

The room oval

The room oval in the appointment display is very special. It will most likely drive you bananas at first, but you will quickly get the hang of how it works. And when you do, you will enjoy how easy it makes the important functions of moving and copying bookings.

Let’s look at it a little more closely. When you hover the mouse over the room oval, it changes colour:

When the room oval changes colour, is means it is ready to accept a mouse click. If you:

Left click the mouse: You will “pick up” the booking and you will be able to move the booking to anywhere on the screen, or another date if you click on the calendar. It will stay under your mouse until you click the left mouse button once more. Notice that you can see a “ghost” of the old booking in the place it was before you started moving it. This is so you can put the appointment back in the right place if you change your mind. Notice also that the appointment will turn red if you are trying to move it into a place where it won’t quite fit.

Right click the mouse: to clone the entire booking. Mostly, you will do this with booking notes – but it is also very handy for group bookings.

Secret functionality alert! If you hold down the left shift key and click the room oval, your action will be applied to the entire booking column.

Editing an existing booking

To edit an existing booking, hover the mouse over anywhere except the room oval, and click the left mouse button. You will see the familiar appointment screen and be able to make your changes.

If you decide to right click the mouse button over the booking (but not the room oval) then you will see the booking menu,

The booking menu

The booking menu lets you quickly change little things about a booking without having to open a different window. Exactly what it looks like, depends on where you click. In other words, it is context sensitive. Click here to learn more about the booking menu.