The toolbar

The toolbar is used to navigate to all Mandala’s  various areas of functionality. It looks like this:

Note that different user groups have different levels of access permission to these buttons. If the current logged on user isn’t allowed to visit the page behind the button, a “denied” message will appear as you hover over the button.

Stepping through the buttons from left to right:

1. Day Notes button

Left clicking on this button will take you to the day notes screen, which displays (surprisingly) today’s notes, permanent notes, and a few tables of helpful statistics relating to the current day’s activity, such as appointments made, expected revenue, retail sold, etc. Right clicking will toggle the day note/ roster areas on/off  on the main booking screen.

2. Guest button

The guest button takes you to the guest dialog, where you may edit guest details, and view guest treatment notes, and guest “history”, a list of guest past sales and treatments.

3. Package button

The package button takes you to the package dialog, where you may configure discount packages. Discount packages may be applied to treatments or retail sales. Some discount packages require membership.

4. Phone button

This button takes you to a printable list of all your staff member’s telephone details. Very handy for quickly calling up a therapist for a last minute booking. You can also access SMS functionality but right clicking this button. Be aware that you will be unable to send SMS messages unless you order a special SMS account.

5. Rooms button

Clicking this button allows you to add or edit treatment rooms, as well as any resources (heated stone sets, massage beds etc) that belong to that room. Right clicking this button does something special – it automatically re-allocates all rooms in the current booking date. This is very handy at the end of a busy day and you realise that tomorrow bookings are all in a mess.

6. Roster button

The roster button takes you straight to the staff roster. There you can easily allocate availability times, which will then show up in the booking screen’s roster area. It also has neato features like multi-row and column cut and paste, and roster printing.

7. Sale button

The sale button takes you to the point of sale dialog, where you put through your retail and treatment sales for the day. If you are in a hotel/resort and use a separate pos, you can quickly sell an entire day’s bookings (so they will appear on your reports) by right clicking this button.

8. Settings button

Click this button and you are taken to a “beneath the bonnet” area, where you can configure all sorts of odds and sorts relating to Mandala’s functionality. Perhaps the most important of these is backup frequency and location.

9. Snapshot button

This is a very simple but handy feature! Click this button to take a “snapshot” of the booking screen, which you may then printout. Sometimes it really helps to have a hard copy of these things… And if you are the kind of person who worries whether your computer will wheeze to life in the morning, you can print out a snapshot of tomorrow before you leave work as insurance.

10. Staff button

No prizes for guessing what this button does. It takes you to the add/edit staff dialog of course. Note that I include manager, receptionists, therapists and attendants as “staff”. They all belong here.

11. Staff notes

Ah my lovingly crafted staff day notes… This button will allow you to print out a run sheet of the the day’s activity for each of your staff members. There are lots of handy little notes and tips included to ensure your staff are as fully informed as possible. The only real trick is getting your staff to actually read them!

12. Stats

As in statistics. Which probably should read “Reports” since a lot of people look at me blankly when I use the term “stats” for some reason. Click this button to jump to the reports generating area of Mandala. There you can find easy to read breakdowns of your important business figures and key performance indices.

13. Stock

Stock refers to your retail stock – all the items you currently have on retail. Click this button to add/edit such items.

14. Stocktake

That’s right – the time of the month you love and cherish most – the stocktake. This area allows you to use a wireless or batch scanner to scan in your current take, and then deliver up an Excel summary for printout. It thus takes some of the pain out of stocktakes, but not all unfortunately!

15. Tips

Click this button to leap to the staff unpaid tips area. There you may view all outstanding tips, and pay them out as the funds become available. Possibly your therapists’ favourite screen!

16. Treatments

Click to open the treatments dialog. There you may add or edit any of the treatments on your menu.

17. User

The user button lets you switch between the various user levels Mandala offers (such as Reception, Finance, Manager etc), as well as to alter passwords and add new reception-level users to the system. If you right click this button, Mandala will drop down a user level. It’s a useful way of quickly locking the screen when you walk away. By the way, the current user is written on the bottom left of the booking screen.

18. Vouchers

Click this button to open the gift vouchers editing area. Here you can create and sell new gift vouchers. If you ask me nicely, and provide me with the right media, it can even automatically create .pdf gift vouchers for you for instant emailing for all those last minute mother’s day buyers…

19. Y-Scroll

Because every application should have just one button that is just silly… In all likelihood you’ll never need this button, but here it is nonetheless. Click on it to toggle the booking time column scrollbar, or right click to toggle the readout area on/off. Perhaps the latter is more useful when taking screen shots of long days…