Finding your way around the booking screen

When you first log into Mandala you will see the main booking screen, which looks like this:

This screen can be roughly divided into six different areas of funtionality.

1. Toolbar

At the very top of the screen is the toolbar. You use this to access the various features of the software, such as configuring treatments, guest, staff etc. It looks like this:

To learn more about the toolbar, click here.

2. Operator panel

Immediately under the toolbar, you will see a row of first names. These are the names of the staff members whose treatments will be listed in the column beneath the name. I call this area the “operator panel”. The operator panel has some fancy hidden functionality, that you can learn more about here.

3. Booking area

In the columns below the operator panel buttons, you will find the booking area proper. If you move your mouse about in this area, you will see a mini time display following you. If you click the left mouse button in any of these columns, you will make a booking at the time specified on the mini display. The booking area can do a heap of tricky things! To learn more about the booking area, click here.

4. Readout and Calendar

4. Below the booking are is the readout and calendar. The readout (on the lower left side) gives you helpful information about any booking you happen to be hovering the mouse over. The calendar (lower right side) is a how you navigate to different booking dates. The only non-obvious feature of the calendar is that if you click the “days of the week” header, you return to today’s date.

5. Day pad

5. In the top right area of the screen (a blank white rectangle in the picture above) is what I refer to as the “day pad” a handy space for writing down any notes you have that pertain to the day. It’s great for communicating with receptionists in other shifts, or as a reminder area for things you need to do for today.

6. Roster area

6. Just below the day pad is an area with a light shaded blue background. This is the staff roster for the day. It let’s you know who is working when. If you click the name of the person, then you move their roster times into the booking area. To learn more about this, have a look at this link.

So much for an overview of the booking screen. Click here to get a much better idea of what you actually need to do to create a booking.