Editing a treatment

For a simple overview of how to add a new treatment to the database, click here. Once you have read that page, you might like to read on below to learn more about the rest of the treatment dialog functionality.

Let’s look at the right hand side of the treatment dialog:

As you can see, this area is divided into 4 main parts:

Resources (top left)

The resources check list allows you to define the special equipment/fixtures each treatment requires.  In the example above, a relaxation massage requires at minimum a hot cabbi and massage bed. You can add your own resources by clicking the “modify” button.

Q: Why bother with resources?

If you correctly set the resources required by all your treatments, and also define which rooms contain which resources Mandala Spa Software can better guess the best room in which to automatically place a new treatment. Setting this behind-the-scenes data up properly means that your booking room organisation will become much easier. Quick means more efficient appointment taking and less stress for your receptionists.

Class (top right)

The top right window (currently labelled Massage in the picture above) allows you to define the treatment class a given treatment belongs in. Treatment classes define the nodes in the treatment tree that you can see in the booking screen:

Q: Why bother with classes?

Well technically, you don’t need to – especially if you have a very small menu. But you will find that the more services you offer, the more appreciative you will be of some sort of organisation. Without classes, you could end up scrolling through long treatment lists looking for the treatment you want to book.

Components (bottom left)

The treatment components section will be blank for most of your treatments. Most spas, however, offer collections of treatments under the banner of a single menu item. An example might be a menu item called “Island Retreat”, designed for couples, which is actually a collection of 3 treatments found elsewhere in the menu – in this case:

A relaxation massage, Sea Spray vichy shower, and a Pure facial.

Please note that the order in which components are defined will mirror the order in which they appear when you make a booking for this meu item.

For a detailed discussion of treatment collections, click here.

Menu description (bottom right)

Actually, I could have just labelled this “Notes”. It’s just a section for any explanatory text you might feel necessary to accompany this treatment.