Connecting to the database

When you first install a Mandala client, you will be prompted with the following screen informing you of a connection failure:

Click Yes and you will be presented with the following dialog:

Stepping through the fields:

database: The name of the postgreSQL database you want to connect to. Default is “Mandala” for production use, and “MandalaTraining” for the training database.

host: The IP address of computer name on the domain of the Mandala PostgreSQL server. In my experience, a static IP is the most reliable entry here.

port: The port PostgreSQL is communicating on. The default is 5432

user: The database username with access privileges to the database. Default is “postgres”

pass: The password associated with the above database user. I will have provided this on server install, or see your system administrator if it has been changed.

Once you have filled out the fields, click “Test” to test the connection. You will be given a diagnostic error message if connection failed. Once you get a successful connection, click “OK” to move on to the login prompt.