Editing a guest

The guest dialog is used for keeping track of your spa/salon guests (or clients – but guests is a more welcoming and gentle term). It looks like this:

Don’t be put off by the amount of information on this dialog. The majority of times, you won’t even visit this space. The most important guest information (name, address, contact, credit card) can all be entered directly from the booking dialog.

Let’s look again at the dialog, this time divided into its functional areas:

Let’s step through the numbered areas:

1. Guest Selection

This is where you add/remove and select guests.

Add a guest, by entering their Last and First names, and then clicking the “+” button

To Select or Remove a guest, you first need to find them in the database. You do this by entering at least a portion of their name in the Last and/or First name text fields. You will see the selection window change in response to your typing. Once you see your guest in the list, click on the guest and check to see that the guest name is written in bold above the selection window.

Once you have selected a guest, click “-” to Remove the guest. Don’t remove guests who have had treatments with you, or bought retail items. Removal is typically used to fix duplicate entries, or to erase a really bad typo or incorrect name entry.

Rename: With the guest you want to rename selected, type in their name in the fields provided. Make sure you get the spelling right this time! Then click the Rename button.

2. Guest Contact Details

Well, contact details and then some… Self explanatory really. The main ones you really need to ensure are filled are phone/mobile and possibly email. The rest can be left blank if you don’t know or need them.

3. Guest Flags

Well, “flags” is the term I always use. This is a column of tick boxes you can use to quickly make note of important guest facts – particularly guest medical details. Explaining the more obscure ones:

Metal: If a guest has metal pins or plates in their bones/joints then you can’t do certain treatments on them – particularly those involving an electric current such as found in a few specialised facial treatments.

Male: Not the guest’s sex! But rather, the preferred sex of the guest’s therapist. Some guests prefer male therapists, some female. Here’s where you indicate this preference. Note you can also do this via the booking dialog at time of booking.

Female: Well you’ve guessed what this means now, right? It means this guest prefers their therapist to be female.

Internal: If your spa/salon is part of a larger hotel, you would tick this box to indicate that the guest is staying at the hotel. Note that if you take down the guest’s room number during booking an appointment, this box will be automatically ticked.

External: The opposite of internal. Applies to all guests who are not currently staying at the hotel. If your spa/salon doesn’t accompany accommodation facilities then all your guests will be external and you can safely ignore this field.

4. Memberships

This section lists the discount packages this guest is subscribed to. Generally memberships need to be prepaid and have an expiry date. See the membership dialog for more information on this. Subscribing guests to memberships is one of the main reasons you would visit the guest dialog.

5. Guest Credit Card

This is where you will find this guest’s credit card information as entered during an appointment booking. Do not enter new credit card information here! I’ll say it again:

Do not enter new credit card information here!

For security reasons, only credit card information directly tied to an appointment is kept in the database. Read more about this important point here.

6. Guest Notes and History

Guest notes can be very useful permanent reminders about this guest and their likes/dislikes/quirks/eccentricities.  This information is printed on your therapists’ day sheets and can also be seen when in the Readout area when you hover the mouse over an appointment in the Booking Screen.

Guest history offers a readout of past guest interaction with your spa/salon. It looks like this:

The list is ordered by date. Red rows indicate treatments not yet paid for.

Treatment Notes

Hidden behind the general tab you will find an area for entering treatment notes. If you have a computer terminal in your staff room, your therapists can enter this information themselves post treatment.