Gift Vouchers

The gift voucher dialog allows you to create and email gift vouchers. Let’s remind ourselves what it looks like:

Creating a new gift voucher

1. Enter the name of the gift voucher recipient (the person receiving the gift) and click the “+” button.

You’ll notice that the title of that text field says “Certificate # or recipient”. What’s that all about? Basically it is trying to tell you that if you type the gift voucher number into this field, then the voucher the number is associated with will be retrieved from the database. So this field is a dual purpose one. You can enter the recipient’s name (adding a new voucher) OR you can enter the gift voucher number (looking up an existing voucher) – depending on what you are trying to do.

2. Next, you will need to fill in the fields in the right hand column. Let’s go through them individually.

To: The voucher recipient. This should already be filled in for you.

From: The name of the person giving the voucher. Optional

Description: The most important field. This field describes what the voucher is for. So if it is for, say, a 1 hr relaxation massage then “1 hr relaxation massage” is what your write here. But you’ll often want to add extra messages from the giver to recipient (“Love from Jo” etc) and here is the perfect place to do it.

Credit: How much the voucher is worth in spa/salon dollars. So if the voucher was for a 1hr relaxation massage, and a 1hr relaxation massage costs $125 on the menu, then 125 would be the figure you’d insert here.

Price: The amount the voucher buyer paid for the voucher. Why does this field exist in addition to credit you ask? Because sometimes you want to give the voucher buyer extra value for their money. Perhaps you have a special running, where all vouchers purchased can be redeemed for 10% beyond their purchase price. Meaning the buyer pays $100 but the voucher recipient is entitled to $110 worth of spa/salon goods or services. In this case Price would be 100, and Credit would be 110. Make sense?

Used: This read-only text lets you know how much of the voucher’s credit has already been used.

No. The gift voucher’s unique number. Use this when you want to look it up in the database. When you are taking a phone booking and the person booking wants to redeem a treatment gift voucher, then it is this number that you will ask them for when recording the booking.

Post to: Postal delivery address. Optional

Email to: Email address. Optional but if you fill this in then sending a pdf email by email will be a little easier for you.

Phone contact: Either the phone number of the giver, or the recipient – often depending on whether the gift is a surprise or not.

Purchase date: This will be filled in automatically as the current date when you first create the voucher entry by clicking “+” in step 1 above.

Expiry date: The default is 12 months after the purchase date, but you may re-set this as you please.

3. Now that you have filled in all the voucher fields, you can put the sale through the POS by clicking the “Sale” button.

Creating a .pdf gift voucher

1. First, you’ll need to create the voucher via the steps above.

2. Select the voucher you want to convert to .pdf. In the bottom left corner of the screen you should see a small preview image of your gift voucher with the correct recipient details overlain:

If you don’t see any image in the bottom left corner of the dialog, it means you haven’t correctly configured your gift voucher pdf creation settings. You can find these in the Settings dialog under the Gift Voucher tab. You will probably need to contact me (Mandala administration) to help you with this initial setup. I’ll need a high resolution image of your gift voucher template to work with. This initial setup only needs to be done once.

3. Click the “Create Voucher” button.

Your voucher will now open in your default pdf reader – most likely Adobe Acrobat Reader.

4. Email the voucher.

Assuming you are using Adobe Acrobat and you have an email account (such as Outlook) running on the computer you are using, select File->Attach To Email from the Adobe Reader top menu. In the address field you can click the right mouse button and select Paste to paste in the email address of the recipient. Click “Send” and you are done.