Adding a therapist

The following will explain how to add a new staff member to your database. Therapists and reception desk staff both qualify as “staff members”.

1. Click the Staff button on the top toolbar

2. You should see something like this (image has be shrunk to fit this website):

3. Following the circled blue numbers:

1. Enter the new staff member’s surname

2. Enter the new staff member’s first name

3. Click + to add the new staff member to the database

4. Fill in the fields:

Nickname: A short as possible, unique name for your staff member. This field is mandatory.

Address and contact: Is pretty self explanatory

DOB: Date of birth

5. Continue to fill in the remaining (optional) fields:

Taxfile: Staff member’s Australian Tax File Number. Note you need the staff member’s permission to record this. Only the manager level user login can see this field

A.B.N: Australian Business Number

Insurance: Insurance coverage identifier number

Insurer: The company providing the insurance id above

Salary: For full time staff, this would be their annual earnings, for casual staff it would be their hourly rate. Only the manager can see this field.

Employment: Choose from one of the options available. Make sure your salary above corresponds with this option.

Active: Tick if the staff member currently works at the spa. If/when they leave, untick this box rather than deleting the staff member from the database

4. When you are finished, you should see something like this:

5. Click Save and Continue to add another staff member, or OK to save these details and close this screen.

Ignore the Skills and Room preference sections for the time being, we will address those in another Advanced lesson.