Adding a treatment room

Just so we’re totally clear, a treatment room is a room or space in which a treatment occurs. To add a room to your database, do the following:

1. Click the room button on the top toolbar

2. You should see a screen like this:

3. Following the circled blue numbers:

1. Enter the room number you wish to add. By number I mean a numeral, such as 1,2,3 etc. If your spa or salon rooms aren’t numbered then they will be now!

2. Press the + button to add the room to the database

3. Enter the room name in the field provided. This can be more descriptive, such as “Vichy Room”, for example.

4. If you have entered the details correctly, your room should look something like this:

5. Press the OK button to save the room details and exit this screen.

Don’t worry about the Resources section for the time being, we’ll cover that later in an Advanced lesson.