Adding a treatment

Before you can make your first booking you need at least:

  • one treatment
  • one treatment room
  • one staff member.

How to add a new treatment

1. Click on the Treatments button in the top toolbar.

2. You will see the following screen (I’ve had to shrink it a little to fit this website):

Working from the blue numbers:

1. Type in the name of the treatment to add

2. Click the + button to add the treatment to the database

3. Fill in all the fields from “nickname” down

Nickname: Keep as brief as possible. Must be unique!

Duration: Hours first, then minutes

Turnaround: The gap between treatments you use to clean the room and set up again, usually 15 mins

Menu price: The price the guest pays, includes GST if appropriate

Base cost: Amount the treatment costs to perform in terms of raw materials, room rent etc. Does not include wage. Leave this field for later if you don’t know this figure straight away.

Staff wage: How much you would pay a therapist to perform this treatment.

Retail target: (optional) This is a percentage of treatment price that you would like your therapists to reach in retail sales

4. Tick the tax checkbox if this treatment is subject to GST (most in Australia are)

5. Click the treatment class this treatment belongs to. If the class you want isn’t there, enter it in the field below the list and then click the associated + button

Once you are done, your treatment should look something like this:

Click either Save and Continue to save this treatment and to start adding another, or just OK to save the treatment and leave this screen.

You can find out about the rest of the fields in the treatment screen in my Advanced Treatments help page.