Logging in

The login screen is the first screen you will see when you start Mandala. It looks like this:

Use the top drop-down box to select your login user name. The default values are:

  • Locked
  • Read-Only
  • Reception
  • Finance
  • Manager
  • Admin

Each of these user names corresponds to a permissions-level within Mandala. If you find yourself locked out of certain functionality, it is almost certain your user login hasn’t the required permissions. You can also add your own login user names, although they will all have the same permission level – ¬†that of a receptionist.

What is my password?

The default password for all user names bar Admin is the user name itself. So the default password for “Reception” is “Reception”, the password for “Finance” is “Finance” and so on. Note that passwords are case sensitive.

Enter your password in the field provided and press enter to log into Mandala. You will be given 3 attempts. Login failure will dump you back into Windows.

Change your password!

One of the first things you should do after logging in for the first time is to change your password away from the default. After all, the default password is posted here on the internet for anyone to see.

To learn how to change your password, click here.

Please change your password after your first successful login