Site configuration

This needs to be done once only per site. It is assumed you have just installed the Mandala server and have successfully logged into Mandala under the Manager account login.

1. Click Settings on the toolbar

2. Click on the Site tab

3. Enter your company details

These details are used primarily on any printouts Mandala will create for you, such as receipts and reports.

Number: This is your site identifier. Mandala admin will provide this

Reserve Appointments: For networked sites, this creates a dummy appointment in the space of an appointment currently being edited. This stops other terminals grabbing the same appointment time.

Company Name: If you don’t have a company, then use your business name instead

ABN: ABN stands for Australian business number. It will appear on any invoices you create.

Networked: Tick networked if you have more than one Mandala terminal active at this site. Note that the server installation counts as a terminal here. The only time you wouldn’t tick this box is if your sole client and your server ¬†were running on the same profile on the same machine.

Delete credit cards older than: This is an important security setting allowing you to specify how many weeks you would like to keep credit card information in your database. The minimum setting is 2 weeks and the maximum is 52 weeks. You want to set this to the smallest number you can, without overly inconveniencing your guests. Even though all credit card information is stored in encrypted form, it is strongly recommended you leave this at its default minimum setting of 2 weeks. Please note that credit card information tied to future bookings (even if they are years in advance) will never be automatically deleted whilst that booking is still in the future.

Note that some of these fields may be hidden, depending on the privileges of the user you have currently logged in as. This is true of many fields on the other tabs in this dialog.